Creating abundance of fruit in our communities, using free and low cost approaches.

We are passionate about helping to create fruit abundance and resilience in our community. The more opportunities for sharing and connecting in order to make this happen, the more likely this will be successful. Here are some useful ways to do this: 1. Scion exchangesWe’re joining the Community RiseUp 5th Annual Seed Swap at MountContinue reading “Creating abundance of fruit in our communities, using free and low cost approaches.”

Redruth Orchard Update

Redruth Community Orchard Project Update May 2023 Trenoweth Community Orchard, North Country, RedruthWe are two years on from when initial investigations started to find a site for a community orchard for the people of Redruth. It’s fantastic to know we now have 24 fruiting trees planted in the new space at Trenoweth Community Orchard; designed,Continue reading “Redruth Orchard Update”

Tehidy BioBlitz 2022

What a fantastic BioBlitz event at Tehidy Orchard and surrounding area! A massive shout out to Budding Nature CIC and the amazing team of volunteer experts who helped us record species and teach people (including me – I learnt lots!) how to search for and I.D. different creatures and plants. Over 100 people, around halfContinue reading “Tehidy BioBlitz 2022”

What a productive start to the year! March Update

We led 4 x grafting workshops this year with 37 participants grafting and going home with at least 1 apple tree to care for and if successful – fingers crossed – plant in the Autumn. That’s 37 new apple trees to be planted! Incredible Edible Helston invited us to their edible community garden to share the skills of grafting in an open communityContinue reading “What a productive start to the year! March Update”

True Service trees (Sorbus domestica)

I’m very excited to be growing True Service trees from seed this year – my first seedlings are growing well. True Service trees grow very large and I’m more familiar with them in London, at St Ann’s Hospital site in Tottenham where there are some amazing mature trees with huge amounts of fruit, usually leftContinue reading “True Service trees (Sorbus domestica)”

‘Own root’ apple trees

It’s hard to see from this photo, but this is a multi stemmed apple tree which orignally fell some time ago – fallen apple trees being a common sight in Cornwall. It has regrown from where it fell at several points, creating it’s own new root systems completely disregarding the original rootstock it had previouslyContinue reading “‘Own root’ apple trees”

Pruning at Tehidy Community Orchard – with cows!

Fantastic to join the regular Tehidy park/ Cormac volunteers this week in the orchard for weeding, mulching and pruning. At one point a cow decided to run in and join us in the orchard having escaped from it’s field but lost it’s herd – making for a bit of excitement! Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enoughContinue reading “Pruning at Tehidy Community Orchard – with cows!”

Apple Canker in your orchard: Identifying and dealing with this fungus

Apple trees can live with canker and carry on as living, producing trees, remaining good for biodiversity, wildlife and fruit. It just takes a bit of monitoring and annual pruning to keep it in check. This week I’ve been pruning a ten year-ish old apple tree that has quite a significant problem with canker. ThereContinue reading “Apple Canker in your orchard: Identifying and dealing with this fungus”