Resilient Orchards Cornwall supports communities to develop and maintain diverse and resilient orchards. We provide orchard management services including pruning and maintenance and are particularly interested in sharing skills and knowledge and forming a strong network. We are a not-for-profit organisation guided by cooperative principles, founded in 2021.

Our vision is to see a thriving and diverse orchard in every community.  Building a network of people with orcharding skills alongside the development of new community orchards will result in stronger and more resilient communities. In addition, people can take an active and positive role in their community orchard contributing to solutions to the challenges and uncertainty of climate change and food insecurity we all face.

We offer a range of services to individuals, organisations, community groups, schools and other interested parties. Whether it’s pruning, restoring neglected espaliersgrafting new trees, or advice on how to make your orchard a climate-resilient orchard, please get in touch. If you need support to manage an existing orchard, are developing a project which includes planting a new orchard or you wish us to deliver orchard skills workshops, please get in touch to discuss how we could work together and support your project.

Resilient Orchards are those which are based on diverse natural ecosystems which include a range of fruiting trees, other supporting trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. They will include a variety of flowering times, different rootstocks in addition to fruit trees grown from seed and ‘own root’ trees, all reflecting and mimicking the diversity of natural ecosystems.


What we do

Orchard Management services

We offer a professional orchard management service to individuals or organisations including pruning fruit trees, grafting, tree planting and restoring neglected orchards.


We provide workshops on fruit tree grafting, winter pruning and summer pruning. We are committed to ensuring that community groups have the skills and knowledge to provide ongoing care for their orchards and fruit tree aftercare.


Grafting is a valuable and exciting skill that means we grow fruit varieties suitable for the Cornish climate and respond to the changing climate and local environment.

Tree Planting

We grow a small number of fruit trees which are available for sale locally. We also provide advice about suitable aftercare for the important first few years.

Apple Pressing

We have a community- funded apple press and scratter for hire. We can also bring the apple press to your school, community centre or event to run a hands on apple pressing session.

Orchard Advice

If you are seeking some guidance on any aspect of growing fruit trees or setting up an orchard we’d be happy to assist, please get in contact.

Resilient Orchards Cornwall

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