Resilient Orchards Cornwall CIC is a not-for-profit company set up to offer orchard management services, support the development of new orchards, restore old orchards and spread orchard related skills and knowledge across Cornwall. Our vision is to see a thriving and diverse orchard in every community. We aim to empower communities to grow their own fruit and build resilient local food systems together. 

We offer a range of services to individuals, organisations, community groups, schools and other interested parties. Whether it’s pruning, restoring neglected espaliers, grafting some selected varieties, advice on design or how to make your orchard a climate-resilient orchard, please get in touch. If you need support to manage an existing orchard, are developing a project which includes planting a new orchard or you wish us to deliver skills based workshops, please get in touch to discuss how we could work together and support your project.

Resilient Orchards are those which are based on diverse natural ecosystems which include a range of fruiting trees, other supporting trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals. They will include a variety of flowering times, different rootstocks in addition to fruit trees grown from seed and ‘own root’ trees, all reflecting and mimicking the diversity of natural ecosystems.


What we do

Orchard Management services

We offer a professional orchard management service to individuals or organisations including pruning fruit trees, grafting, tree planting, restoring neglected orchards, creating orchard management plans and surveys.

Workshops & Training

Full or half day sessions on fruit tree grafting, winter pruning, summer pruning, tree planting. We can also provide fruit trees and work with groups to plant orchards and offer ongoing sessions to ensure aftercare.


Grafting is an extremely valuable and exciting skill which helps us to grow fruit varieties suitable for the Cornish climate and respond to the changing climate and local environment.

Tree Planting

We can provide fruit trees and work with your residents, community members or general public to plant them and provide suitable aftercare too, or present the skills for others to do so.

Hands-on educational workshops

Activities linked to the National Curriculum for schools including apple pressing and tree planting, all equipment and apples provided.

Orchard Advice

Need advice on how to keep your trees in good health or to deal with any problems? Please get in touch.

If you need guidance on any aspect of growing fruit trees or setting up an orchard we’d be happy to chat.

Resilient Orchards Cornwall


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