We have some resources for hire to local people and community organisations. There is a booking system and form to complete once an agreed slot has been found.

Vigo 20L Cross Beam Press & a Classic Crusher

1. Thanks for your interest in hiring the Resilient Orchards Cornwall’s Community Apple press. We are providing this community hire service to help try to ensure that apples grown in Cornwall are put to good use rather than wasted, as part of our commitment to promoting food security, sustainability and community action. You won’t be disappointed with the end result if you have apples to press! It’s a specialist Vigo 20 litre cross beam press, making on average around 8 litres of juice per full load.

2. The facility needs to be stored and maintained, so there is a minimum hire charge of £10 a day. An additional donation to our work would of course be welcome! Please fill in the short form below and return to

3. The hirer will guarantee to:
– pick up and return the equipment. Please note that it is heavy (requiring 2 people to lift it) and takes up the space of the back seat of a family car.
– look after the equipment carefully, and return it in the same condition as received including full cleaning. ROC will be compensated (cost price) for any loss or damage to the equipment or its parts.
– use the equipment safely. All hirers must read the relevant guidance/instructions on our website (see below) and any guidance/instructions enclosed with the equipment before use.
– be responsible for anyone using the press whilst they are hiring it.
– provide their own appropriate receptacles and utensils for their own use.

Vigo 20L Cross Beam Apple Press
Instructions for use and cleaning (Vigo Presses Ltd document 2016)

Classic Crusher
Instructions for use and cleaning