Creating abundance of fruit in our communities, using free and low cost approaches.

We are passionate about helping to create fruit abundance and resilience in our community. The more opportunities for sharing and connecting in order to make this happen, the more likely this will be successful. Here are some useful ways to do this: 1. Scion exchangesWe’re joining the Community RiseUp 5th Annual Seed Swap at MountContinue reading “Creating abundance of fruit in our communities, using free and low cost approaches.”

Recent local & regional media appearances

We have appeared in a fair amount of regional and local media recently. You might have caught us on BBC Radio Cornwall last weekend following a visit from Matt Shepperd to the new community orchard in Redruth at Trenoweth Estate. Michelle from ROC along with local resident Shelley (who also volunteers at St Day Community Orchard)Continue reading “Recent local & regional media appearances”

Species & overall report of Tehidy Bioblitz

Read some excerpts below and follow the link to get the full report here:Tehidy Bioblitz 2022 – Event Report “A 24-hour BioBlitz event took place in Tehidy Country Park, running from midday on Friday 29 July to midday on Saturday 30 July 2022. The event was delivered jointly by Sally Luker and Derek Green fromContinue reading “Species & overall report of Tehidy Bioblitz”

Pears & other fruit for Cornwall

Pears are suitable for growing in Cornwall even though they are quite rare and you don’t often come across them in older orchards. Many people are now growing pears in Cornwall and are having huge success so it’s definitely a good idea to add a few to your orchard. Figs, medlars and quince are alsoContinue reading “Pears & other fruit for Cornwall”