Recent local & regional media appearances

We have appeared in a fair amount of regional and local media recently. You might have caught us on BBC Radio Cornwall last weekend following a visit from Matt Shepperd to the new community orchard in Redruth at Trenoweth Estate. Michelle from ROC along with local resident Shelley (who also volunteers at St Day Community Orchard)Continue reading “Recent local & regional media appearances”

Tehidy BioBlitz 2022

What a fantastic BioBlitz event at Tehidy Orchard and surrounding area! A massive shout out to Budding Nature CIC and the amazing team of volunteer experts who helped us record species and teach people (including me – I learnt lots!) how to search for and I.D. different creatures and plants. Over 100 people, around halfContinue reading “Tehidy BioBlitz 2022”

Pruning at Tehidy Community Orchard – with cows!

Fantastic to join the regular Tehidy park/ Cormac volunteers this week in the orchard for weeding, mulching and pruning. At one point a cow decided to run in and join us in the orchard having escaped from it’s field but lost it’s herd – making for a bit of excitement! Unfortunately I wasn’t quick enoughContinue reading “Pruning at Tehidy Community Orchard – with cows!”