Species & overall report of Tehidy Bioblitz

Budding Nature Volunteer helping young people to identify beetles and other wildlife at the Tehidy BioBlitz

Read some excerpts below and follow the link to get the full report here:
Tehidy Bioblitz 2022 – Event Report

“A 24-hour BioBlitz event took place in Tehidy Country Park, running from midday on Friday 29 July to midday on Saturday 30 July 2022. The event was delivered jointly by Sally Luker and Derek Green from Budding Nature CIC and Michelle Lawson from Resilient Orchards Cornwall CIC, with support from Cornwall Council/Cormac and volunteers from Budding Nature. During the event, Tehidy Country Park Rangers Gavin Henderson and Stuart Croft (Cormac) and Charlotte Evans (Cornwall Council) were in attendance, as were Sally and Mark from Resilient Orchards CIC…”

Biological Reporting
“A total of 1045 records were made as a consequence of the Tehidy BioBlitz. These represent 465 taxa, with 331 records of 221 taxa being for the tetrad SW6343, and 714 of 370 taxa for the tetrad SW6443, with the majority of records being at a finer resolution. Overall, for the tetrad SW6343, 122 taxa are believed to have not been previously recorded, and for SW6443, 141 are taxa believed to have not been previously recorded. Taxa recorded mostly represent the focal efforts of the biological recorders present, as well as the given time restraints of a BioBlitz event. It is hoped to address gaps in groups recorded (notably bryophytes, lichens and fungi), and to re-survey for all invertebrates present via follow-up visits. Key recorders included Tylan Berry, Laura Fox, Derek Green, Frank Johns, Sally Luker, Martin Rule, John Worth with support from Phil Harris, Michelle Lawson, Rosie Lewis, Heidi Kirk-Mackrell (and her boys) and Andrew Tompsett. Records will be submitted to ERCCIS (Environmental Records Centre for Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly), ERICA database and iRecord…”

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