New Community Orchards

Cutting back brambles at Trenoweth new Community Orchard space

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to gain land permissions to plant a new community orchard at North Country, Redruth. Redruth Town Council, Forests for Cornwall, Cornwall Council and Cormac have all helped get us to this point where we can actually get going! Hooray!

Work has begun by a group of local people and from further afield all keen to see this piece of land at Trenoweth Estate turned into a productive, wildlife-friendly, beautiful and social space for the community.

It’s been mostly clearance and planning at this stage, careful to clear in stages to allow for wildlife to remain onsite and be incorporated into the plans. We hope to plant a selection of fruit trees this year including Cornish apples and Kea plums but also gradually add more incrementally over the next few years.

A few other plans include gaining funding for water collection and water storage points for watering the new trees, composting facilities,

A few things we still need – woodchip! – for paths and for mulching the young trees. Please get in touch if you can help. Thank you!

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