Redruth Orchard Project

We are appealing for £2,000 from our community to contribute to our Redruth Orchard Project that seeks to:

1. Create a new Community Orchard/s
2. Work with the local community to maintain & rejuvenate existing orchards and fruit trees.
3. Share traditional orchard skills, provide more apple pressing opportunities using the new community apple press, and other apple related activities to help try to ensure that apples grown in this area of Cornwall are put to good use rather than wasted, as part of our commitment to promoting food security, sustainability and community action.

Please note we have secured match funding from Cornwall Council’s Climate & Nature Fund once we have reached our target – but we need to be quick as the deadline is the 5th November.

Community orchards provide fruit, locally, for everyone. Most communities were surrounded by orchards in the past, but many of these were scrubbed out years ago. Today we see apples coming from all over the UK – and indeed worldwide – to be sold in our local shops when we could be growing our own fruit. Fewer food miles means we look after our environment and it’s cheaper – in fact – community orchards offer local, free food for all. Not only that, but they are spaces that are wildlife friendly and can offer important social spaces for everybody for now and the future.

For more information about Resilient Orchards Cornwall CIC or to collaborate please email

For more information about traditional orchards as designated priority habitats see People’s Trust for Endangered Species Traditional Orchard Project.

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